The Adventures of Flat Jesus!

Posted on Saturday, May 30

Sometimes children think that Jesus is only at church so part of their Homeworship and Holywork assignments has been The Adven-tures of Flat Jesus. This was to help the Vance children understand that Jesus is eve-rywhere at the same time, no matter where they travel, because He is God. Children were mailed cardstock sheets of Flat Jesus and they colored them the way they wanted. Then, they took Flat Jesus on all the adven-tures they experienced during the Stay at Home order. As you can see the Olivers loved playing with Jesus in their backyard play-ground. The Greens bounced on the trampo-line with Jesus. Jesus helped the Cains do yard work and he got to go to a big kid school. The Abrahams celebrated Easter with Flat Je-sus. Finally, Flat Jesus loved to pet Miss Jane’s cat, Vicar.

The Vance Youth (Abrahams) send Deb Cox en-couragement during her hospitalizations! We sent this to Deb and telling her: “You are in the palm of God’s hands.” to which she responded “They are wonderful!”

The Oliver Family sends “Thinking of You” cards to Debbie Brieding whose husband had heart is-sues and Kathy Hannan whose mother passed away. Jane drew this cartoon for Drew Seabright to bring him comfort after his cycling accident.

The Shearer and Cain families send get well wish-es to Deb Cox and Drew Seabright. This brought lots of love and hope to their families and their recoveries. It helped everyone remember that God is our faithful provider.

The Green family also sends their get well wishes and sympathy to the Vance folks grieving and re-covering from health issues. They are also watch-ing our Facebook Live Worship Children’s Ser-mon! Kendall Cain misses Jesus.