Preparing for the Lord’s Supper at Home but in Community

Posted on Sunday, May 31

Preparing for the Lord’s Supper at Home but in Community

We at Vance Memorial Presbyterian Church are pleased that many of you have chosen to join in our educational series called Dining with Jesus in which we considered the ways those worship ping with us by radio and Facebook Live can share in the Sacrament. We remind you that in Reformed theological tradition the Sacraments are intended to be done in community so use the following advice as you join with us in virtual worship.

The Westminster Confession of Faith as well as other critical, confessional documents in our tradition are adamant that whether worshiping in person or virtually one must prepare before approaching the Table. You are asked to examine your heart and your relationship with Jesus and with others. Repent of sins. Accept Jesus’ gracious gift of forgiveness and Seek reconciliation where possible.

As if the greatest guest you have ever had coming to your home was coming, set the table you will use to celebrate the Sacrament in the home. Fine linens and fancy china are appropriate as are fresh flowers. If you do not have those, still think about the place you will be and the plate and cup you will use for the service. Remember the greatest guest you have ever had, Jesus, will be present with you.

Some cultures do indeed celebrate communion with rice and goat’s milk as bread and wine are simply not part of their cultures. Generally in the American church we use some form of carbohydrates and grape juice or wine. Regardless of what you choose make sure you are making a conscious choice to select the elements you will use prior the Sunday morning worship service.

Because we will engage in a communal activity through observing the Sacrament, be sure to tune in with us in worship at 97.3 WKWK FM or Vance Presbyterian Church on Facebook Live at 10:00 am on Sunday morning. We will celebrate the Lord’s Supper every first Sunday of the month. And if you wish, join us any time live; we know that there is nothing like being here in person.