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Vance Memorial Presbyterian Vance Memorial Presbyterian

Photo Gallery: AdVance Notice & Friends Photo Gallery: AdVance Notice & Friends

AdVance Notice & Friends
Jammin' for JESUS!!!

Howie, Hoop, Jeremy, Derek & Wendy

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Appreciation Shared

What's really written on Jane's hand?

And...hugs of appreciation.

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Thanking Wendy & Jeremy

The talented Doolins will be missed!

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Faith - Food - Family

...bring us together.

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Healthy Snacks!

Gordon and the angel watch over the fresh, healthy snacks

prepared in honor of Jeremy and Wendy's service to God at Vance!

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Worship is Over...

let our "Service" begin!

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Standing Up...


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The Fab Four???

No...the Fab Five. Jesus is there too!!!

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Liquid Refreshment!



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Many Blessings

Wendy & Jeremy will continue to share their gifts and His ministry through music in the Ohio Valley!


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Praising Him

There is definitely a song in Wendy's heart!

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AdVance Notice & Friends

Mike Howard, Mike Hooper, Jeremy Doolin

Derek Wayne and Wendy Doolin

November 27, 2011

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